Vision and Mission

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Actively contributing to economic, social, and environmental development by providing technical and vocational training for citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the quality and adequacy required by the labor market; and achieving global leadership that guarantees independence and self-sufficiency.

The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) seeks to:

1. Provide, Develop, and license technical and vocational training programs according to the quantitative and qualitative demand of the labor market for both males and females. In addition, it enacts the regulations relevant to the quality and efficiency of these programs, and supervises them.
2. Raise society’s awareness of the importance of technical and vocational training; and provide training opportunities for all age groups regardless of their vocational or occupational status, and encourage freelance work.
3. Conduct the necessary research and projects to follow up technical advancements and global tendencies in the field of technical and vocational training.
4. Support and participate in national programs that adopt the transfer and indigenization of technology; support and encourage the private sector to invest in the field of technical and vocational training.

Strategic Objectives
1. To accommodate the largest number of those interested in technical and vocational training in order to contribute to achieving sustainable development.
2. To qualify and develop national human cadres in technical and vocational fields according to the quantitative and qualitative demand of labor market.
3. To provide training programs with quality and adequacy that qualify the trainee to obtain a suitable job in the labor market; or enables the trainee to practice freelance work.
4. The ability to adapt and interact successfully with challenges and changes based on research and applied studies.
5. To build strategic partnerships with business sectors in order to implement technical and vocational programs.
6. To raise awareness of the importance of working in technical and vocational fields among the community and to provide an appropriate environment for lifelong training.
7. To create a safe and stimulating environment for work and training at TVTC.
8. To encourage investment in private technical and vocational training.
9. To corroborate relation and integration with the national educational and training entities.
10. To expand the advanced training fields that support national plans; and participate in programs to transfer and develop technology.

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