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The Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. 268 dated 08/14/1428 regulating the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. The regulation includes the establishment of the institution and determining its headquarters and nature. Its purpose is to implement the plans and programs set for the development of the national technical and vocational manpower within the framework of the policies set by the Manpower Council within the limits of technical education, vocational training and related research.


Link to the Resolution from the official website of Bureau of Experts atthe Council of Ministers


TVTC Strategic Objectives:

  •     To accommodate the largest number of those interested in technical and vocational training in order to contribute to achieving sustainable development.
  •     To qualify and develop national human cadres in technical and vocational fields according to quantitative and qualitative labor market demand.
  •     To provide training programs with quality and adequacy that qualify the trainee to obtain a suitable job in the free labor market.
  •     The ability to adapt and interact successfully with challenges and changes, based on research and applied studies.
  •     To build strategic partnerships with the business sector in order to implement professional technical programs.
  •     To raise awareness about the importance of working in technical and vocational fields among the community and provide an appropriate environment for lifelong training.
  •     To create a safe and stimulating environment for work and training in the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.
  •     Encouraging investment in technical and vocational training, as well as in private training.
  •  Strengthening the relationship and integration with the national educational and training entities.​   
  • To expand the advanced training fields that support national plans and participate in programs to transfer and develop the technology.


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