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In the name of Allah, praise be to Him; and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions.

The world is changing technologically throughout the day, and at the speed that keeping pace has become a feature of leading work environments in the use and employment of information in its various sectors and business channels. This is what the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation pursues: by keeping pace with the latest requirements, setting development plans to implement the concept of e-governance, and increasing business efficiency that aims to serve beneficiaries through the development of technical infrastructure and digital services, while ensuring the application of local and global practices and standards in the field of information technology policies and security.
     As the Corporation presents itself as a leading authority in information technology and the integration of digital services, it stems from the attention of the wise leadership - may Allah protect it - represented in the blessed support for the training sector, and the launch of the Human Capacity Development Program as one of the programs developed for the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. It also included qualitative initiatives that are implemented by the Corporation such as: developing the capabilities of entrepreneurship in technical and vocational education institutions, the apprenticeship industrial program, expanding the absorptive capacity of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, developing a sustainable financing mechanism, and other initiatives and potentialities that crowned the Corporation's ninth place globally in the Global Knowledge Index for the year 2021 issued by the United Nations Development Program.
     In an effort to provide technical services efficiently and effectively, the Corporation takes into account the application of electronic transactions concepts, commitment to the policy of protecting intellectual property for content, and the strategy of digital transformation in order to create communication channels that enable the beneficiary of the Corporation's employees, entrepreneurs, or information seekers to benefit from the Corporation's digital portal with its modern modelling and software construction according to the latest information security means that would make the beneficiary's journey a beneficial, safe and enjoyable one.
     My colleagues and I at the Corporation should not fail to emphasize our keenness on development and keeping pace, and our interest in any suggestions or observations that would enable us to improve the quality of training and develop the work environment in line with the renaissance of our dear Kingdom and to achieve the objectives of the blessed vision.
May Allah bless...

Governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Dr.. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid

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