For help and ask for more data:

Following the principle of transparency and information availability to public, public information can be requested - in accordance to the Freedom of Information policy- by submitting a request using the following form:

Applicant Information
Request Information
Requested Data (Please include details )
Purpose of the Request (Please include a detailed description of the actual need for using the data)
( Please attach it in PDF format )
Alternative methods of obtaining data:

In order to enhance the principle of transparency and the right to access public information, TVTC makes a specific sets of information available as an open data before requesting access to it. The available open data can be obtained directly by visiting our Open Data Library​​,  or the National Open Data Portal

​● Working hours: from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 2:30 pm.

● Expected time to respond to Freedom of Information requests: (30 days)

●​ Location: This service is provided electronically​​

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