Qualifying more than six thousand male and female trainees in tourism field this year

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Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) announced that 6189 male and female trainees are now qualified in tourism and hospitality fields to build and empower national cadres in this vital sector to keep pace with achieving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision objectives.

TVTC's spokesman, Mr. Fahad Al-Otaibi, clarified that with tremendous development that the tourism sector witnesses in the Kingdom, TVTC has been designing and providing several years specialized training programs to qualify citizens to work in this sector and lead its facilities.

Mr. Al-Otaibi also added that TVTC provides various training programs in tourism and hospitality fields in 4 male technical colleges and 7 female technical colleges. In addition, TVTC has expanded in qualifying national cadres in this field, where it works on opening 4 tourism and hospitality specialized colleges in Madinah, Muzahemyah, Taif, and Al-Rass.

Mr. Al-Otaibi mentioned that TVTC along with its business sector partners implements various paths to fulfill labor market need of national cadres in tourism, hotel, and hospitality fields. Currently, 7 specialized institutes and academies are operated in different regions in the Kingdom within TVTC's strategic partnerships program.

TVTC works integrally with several entities, who are related to labor market, to study different new vocational paths and future disciplines to design and provide training programs to keep pace with the Kingdom's current and future labor market needs.

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