TVTC Trainees of Tourism and Hospitality Colleges Win 21 Medals

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The trainees of Al-Madinah Tourism and Hospitality College and the trainees of the International Tourism and Hospitality College in Riyadh, have won 21 medals in the largest cook competition recorded by Guinness this year, the Malaysia Culinary World Cup 2023 in which 30 countries participated and assessed by 120 international arbitrators in more than 73 competitive categories. The technical colleges’ trainees presented an extraordinary performance with high quality and mastery, which awarded them a gold medal, three silver medals, and 17 bronze medals. 

In the tourism and hospitality training facilities at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), there are more than 20,000 male and female trainees being trained on the basic skills of this vital sector to keep pace with the goals of Vision 2030. The TVTC offers the trainees 2202 practical and theoretical training hours in the travel and tourism program distributed among five terms with the aim of providing them with the necessary skills and information to work in this sector and contribute to localizing these jobs.

It is worth mentioning that the travel and tourism program is one of a diverse programs, which TVTC offers through its 15 tourism and hospitality sector specialized colleges and institutions. As they were established to offer a distinguished qualifying training with highest quality standards in the technical and vocational training for the Saudi national cadres. 

The travel and tourism program is one of the various majors offered by TVTC through its colleges and institutes specialized in the field of tourism and hospitality, which amounted to 15 training facilities established with the aim of providing distinguished qualifications with the highest quality standards in technical and vocational training for Saudi national cadres. These facilities are distributed among 4 male technical colleges and 7 female technical colleges. In addition to the operation of 4 colleges fully specialized in tourism, and within the framework of TVTC's strategic partnerships, 7 specialized institutes and academies are currently being operated in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is worth noting that many tourism and hospitality colleges have obtained international and local awards and accreditations. 

Furthermore, His Excellency Deputy Governor for Training Dr. Adel Al-Zunaidi stated that part of the TVTC's continuous plan to build and develop distinguished programs for trainees is to make the program a powerful asset in supporting the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing comprehensive content to qualify citizens to work in this field, which is increasingly growing due to what we gratefully have in our country of security, stability and geographical, historical, and cultural diversity. Thus, they will contribute actively to promote the various achievements of the country. In addition, His Excellency emphasized that TVTC is keen on the attendance and participation of its trainees in such events and that it is fully confident of the quality of its outputs as a number of colleges of tourism and hospitality won several awards and accreditations from local and international bodies in 2022. 

It is worth mentioning that TVTC is working integrally with several entities related to the labor market to study various new professional paths and future majors, with the aim of designing and providing training programs that keep pace with the needs of the current and future labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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