TVTC Accredits (231) International Professional Certificates

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TVTC confirmed that the currently approved international professional certificates number is (231) professional certificates in a number of specializations, and they have been made available electronically through the global professional certificates portal.

Assistant Deputy Governor for Training Quality and Policies and Chairman of the Main Committee for Professional Certifications, Abdul Rahman Al-Marwani, explained that TVTC recently issued the updated version of the controls and procedures for the Professional Certifications Regulations, which included a number of new amendments, the most notable of which are: updating the requirements to support the acceptance of local professional certificates, and expanding the scope of coverage of testing centers, private sector participation, and expansion of acceptance of widespread international certificates.

Al-Marwani added TVTC seeks to develop and organize the professional certificates market and to support this important path in developing the capabilities of human resources and raising the efficiency of national forces, in keeping with the growth witnessed by the business sector, as well as seeking to spread the concept of professional vocational training.

The role of TVTC is to approve professional certificates and license operators to practice related activities in accordance with specific controls. The Corporation also follows up the performance of licensed entities in accordance with the provisions of the issued regulations and their controls. TVTC also monitors violating practices in the field of training, and takes legal measures against violating parties to ensure the protection of the rights of beneficiaries and to maintain the quality and level of performance provided in the training sector. 

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