Five Participants from TVTC Win International Awards in the Professional Excellence Championship for People with Disabilities in Moscow

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TVTC participated with a group of trainees from various training facilities in the Kingdom in the Vocational Excellence Championship for People with Disabilities, which was held in the city of Moscow (Abilympics 2023), from October 20 to 22, 2023.

The participating trainees achieved success and distinction in the “Passing the Skill within the Allotted Time” competition in the specializations of electricity, technical support, and network management. The TVTC’s delegation participating in the tournament was honored by the organizing committee, in appreciation of their distinguished efforts and exceptional skills in their various specializations.

The Deputy Governor of TVTC, Dr. Adel Al-Zunaidi, explained that TVTC pays great attention to promoting innovation and creativity in the technical and vocational fields, and is keen to constantly encourage male and female trainees to develop qualitative projects through specialized clubs in colleges and institutes supervised by specialized male and female trainers.

Al-Zunaidi added that the male and female trainees of TVTC’s colleges and institutes achieved several international awards and advanced positions in global competitions during this year. We at TVTC encourage their participation in international forums and inform them of the latest global trends in innovation and talent in the fields of technical and vocational training.

In the Professional Excellence Championship for People with Disabilities, which was held in Moscow this month, Fares Zahir Al-Shehri and Abdul Hamid Obaid Al-Shammari won in the network and systems management specialty, Marwan Ahmed Al-Ismail won in the electrical installation specialty, and Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ghamdi and Majid Mahdi Al-Yami won in the technical support for electronic devices specialty. The participating trainees presented outstanding performance and excellence in the fields in which they participated.

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