TVTC Awarded the 2022 Best Technical Project

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Technical and Vocational Training Corporation won the 2022 award for the best technical project - the electronic market platform "Manar Platform" – under the guidance and support of the Governor, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid, with the aim of reviving the spirit of excellence in all areas of public and private business sectors, which stimulates elevating the level of performance in project management and dissemination of knowledge.

The winners were announced at the Project Management Offices Summit held by the Project Management Institute Saudi Arabia's offshoot, in conjunction with the celebrations of World Project Management Day 2022 - which globally recognizes the hard work and dedication of project managers around the world. The award was received by the Deputy Governor for Planning and Business Development, Ms. Reem Al-Moqbel, who reiterated that this award confirmed the Corporation's endeavor to keep pace with the requirements of the Saudi market and the technical development that the Kingdom is witnessing towards the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

In the same context, the Assistant Deputy Governor for Training Policies and Quality and the Director General of Private Training, Eng. AbdulRahman Al-Marwani said that the Corporation was keen to ensure that the Manar platform meets the needs of the Kingdom's training market by launching a number of services that aim to raise the quality and performance of private training facilities and ensure a competitive advantage among those facilities, which, according to the latest statistics, exceeded 1,200 private training facilities. Since its inauguration, the platform has implemented nearly 50,000 training courses, during which the platform has issued more than 2.5 million certificates. The number of visitors to the platform has reached nearly 4 million, and the number of users has exceeded 800,000 users. TVTC and Tamkeen Technologies, the platform's technical supporter, are still seeking to develop and improve the level of the platform's services to achieve the beneficiaries' satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

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