TVTC Reduces Cost of Credit Hour in Evening Applied Programs

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Under the directives of His Excellency the Governor, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahad Al-Fahaid, the TVTC announced a reduction in the financial costs of the evening applied training program. The program was established and developed by the TVTC to provide training opportunities for the largest number of working citizens and residents to obtain diploma or bachelor degrees in the available majors in the evening to obtain the appropriate qualification.

TVTC has taken the new procedures to reduce fees, as the cost of the credit hour for the diploma program has become 360 Riyals and 460 Riyals for bachelor. This comes in line with the application of the trimester system in TVTC colleges and institutes, supporting the trainees and facilitating their education and training.

It is worth mentioning that the new cost applies to those who were admitted in the first trimester of 1444 AH. As for the enrolled trainees, they will not be affected by any additional costs when completing the program according to the accredited plan of the major. With the application of the trimester system, the registration portal opens at the beginning of each term independently. The registration will start from next week on bachelor and diploma programs in technical colleges, secondary industrial institutes, and secondary architecture and construction institutes. The registration will be available through Qaboli portal, the electronic unified admission, on the TVTC website in 88 technical colleges for males, 40 technical colleges for females, and 65 secondary industrial institutes and secondary architecture and construction institutes across of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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