“Technical Training” Observed (46) Violations at Private Training Facilities Last September

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The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation announced that it had observed (46) violations against private training facilities during last September in various regions.
TVTC official spokesman, Fahd Al-Otaibi, explained that the observed violations included (32) violations of licensed training facilities due to their non-compliance with the regulations specified in the executive rules of the training regulations in private training facilities, while (14) cases of training were for unlicensed entities practicing irregular training activity.
 The official spokesman for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation added that the General Administration for Private Training is one of the vital departments in the Corporation and follows up the licensed private training facilities, as it is concerned with monitoring performance in light of the application of the executive rules and procedures of the training regulations in private training facilities. It also follows up the training market and the entities that practice training without obtaining a training license, and does so according to a procedural sequence and processes represented by receiving reports and complaints, monitoring and classifying violations on social media platforms and websites, and then applying regulatory procedures against the violating training facilities.
It is noteworthy that TVTC has provided members of the community with the service of verifying the regularity of training facilities and certified courses via several electronic means, the most prominent of which are: the Corporation’s website, the Manar electronic platform, and the Tadrebek application.

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