Technical Training Honors More Than (4,500) Male and Female Trainees in Colleges and Institutes

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The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation honored more than (4,500) male and female trainees for receiving the Scientific Excellence Award. Graduates of technical colleges and secondary industrial, architecture and construction institutes received the award for the training year 1444 AH. The number of outstanding students who received the graduation award reached (2,800) male and female graduates, each of whom received a financial reward of (2,000) riyals and a certificate of excellence. 

The Corporation explained that (1,535) male and female trainees also received the academic excellence reward. The reward is given to the continuing trainee who completes the third training semester for technical college trainees and the fifth level for secondary institute trainees according to their training plan and includes the disbursement of a financial sum of (1,000) riyals.

TVTC added that these rewards that it provides every year are among the motivational programs that the Corporation implements for male and female trainees in colleges and institutes to encourage them to continue to surpass, succeed and excel in their academic and practical lives.

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