TVTC: Expansion of the Women's Training Initiative for the Primary Maintenance of Vehicles in Several Regions

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The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) concluded the first phase of the women's training initiative for the primary maintenance of vehicles in the Northern Border Region, which was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan Al Saud, the Prince of the Northern Borders Region, in the presence of His Excellency the Governor of TVTC, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid in March 2023.

The TVTC's official spokesman, Fahd Al-Otaibi, stated that the initiative aims to provide the trainees with the basic skills and knowledge of vehicle maintenance. The training program focused on several aspects including safety in vehicles, identifying electrical malfunctions and engine fuel.

The official spokesman of TVTC added that the initiative achieved success and satisfaction from the beneficiaries, as the results of the questionnaires measuring the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the program showed that the percentage of appropriate selection of applied skills for the level of the trainees amounted to 89.5%.

  He stressed that the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation is working to develop this initiative and expand it during the coming period to include different regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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