TVTC Outlines its Experience in Developing Futuristic Skills, its Strategic Partnerships at Asian Summit on Education & Skills

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A delegation from the TVTC participated in the Asian Summit on Education and Skills, which was held in the city of Bangalore in India on September 19-21, 2022.

The Deputy Governor for Training, Dr. Adel Al-Zenedy, participated in the summit with an outline of the TVTC strategy, achievements and role in developing skills to cope with the changing labor market. This shows the Kingdom's support of the training sector in Saudi Arabia until it became one of the largest technical training institutions in the Middle East in terms of the number of trainees and the wide spread of the training facilities. 

During his participation in the educational leaderships session, Dr. Al-Zenedy clarified that Saudi Arabia pays great attention in setting policies and regulations that contribute in developing skills and making them sustainable. In addition, it pays great attention in providing support and facilitations to ensure that training is spread across regions by working on expanding the technical and vocational training scope, to reach all trainees at all levels, and ensuring that the training experience is distinctive and effective.

He stressed that TVTC works on improving and developing training in cooperation with the commercial and industrial sectors in order to improve the effectiveness and quality of training and achieve the Kingdom's goals, which support the sustainable development goals and seek international cooperation to achieve them.
TVTC has successful experiences in the international training system. The credit goes to its strategic partnerships and hosting of international colleges to develop qualifying human capabilities in order to join the local labor market with international standards that achieve the aspirations of Saudi Arabia and support the projects of the Vision.

It is worth mentioning that this summit discusses future practices in education. Therefore, many change-makers meet to discuss future skills, present best practices in Asian countries, and exchange policies, strategies and ideas that lead to initiate memoranda of understanding that support sustainability in the education and training sectors.

At the end of the conference, the summit organizers valued the participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's representatives from TVTC and expressed their thanks and appreciation. The delegation of the TVTC, represented by Dr. Adel Al-Zenedy , participated in handing IDA Education Awards to the winners.

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