TVTC implements more than 220 training programs

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As part of its efforts to transfer all programs of technical colleges and industrial institutes to the new system, which included bachelor and diploma's programs and short programs, TVTC implemented more than 220 training programs using the trimester system in more than 285 facility nationwide.

Mr. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Dakhil, the General Director of Curriculums at TVTC stated that a curriculums transforming plan has been early arranged to transfer TVTC’s curriculums on several stages. It started with creating a main committee headed by His Excellency the Deputy for Training and Quality Policies, and membership of deputies, assistant deputy, and general directors to track the transforming process. The General Directorate of Curriculums determined top challenges and chose the best option to transform programs within the listed options. As for the next stage, contact hours were distributed, targeted hours were determined, and courses were distributed to be entered within the self-service system (Rayat). This process covered 3900 courses in bachelor, diploma, and short programs.

Al-Dakhil confirmed that during the last phase of the transformation project, the training frameworks were shared with all departments of the training facilities. Many introductory and specialized workshops were held for trainers to explain its working mechanism and to answer all their inquiries, in addition to overcoming all challenges. 

He added that the transformation to trimester system project has lead to achieving a number of benefits. One of which was accelerating trainees graduation. 

It is worthy to note that TVTC aims constantly to develop training, in order to raise the quality of outcomes in accordance with the labor market’s requirements. Moreover, it works on providing greater opportunity for the trainee to obtain the required knowledge and skills , in addition to optimally benefit from training facilities, equipment, and human resources working in the training sectors of TVTC.

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