Technical Training launches evening training programs in 29 institutes in various regions of the Kingdom

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​​​​The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation announced the launch of the evening training program in institutes for boys through 29 institutes in various regions of the Kingdom during the next training year, in order to provide an opportunity to obtain training services for those who were unable to join the institutes in the morning period, as registration will be available on the fourth of Dhul The Hajj and continues until the ninth of the next month of Muharram through the unified admission portal via the institution’s website. Seven programs were selected based on the intensity of the demand for them: refrigeration and air conditioning, car mechanics, electricity, computer, architecture and construction, and general mechanics. His Excellency the Governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid, confirmed that the Corporation seeks, through these programs, to develop and raise the skills of citizens on the job in the public and private sectors, and to optimize the investment of the capabilities available in the institutes and raise their operational efficiency, and to meet the growing needs of human cadres in specializations. technology according to the needs of the labor market. It is noteworthy that the evening training programs were suspended last year due to the Corona pandemic, and will return according to the precautionary measures.

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