Dr. Oghla launches 2nd Technical Training Forum

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In the presence of the governor of Badr province Eng. Saleh Al-Khalifa,  the deputy governor of Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Dr. Hamad bin Oghla Al-Oghla, launched the activities of " 2nd Technical Training Forum " organized by the technical and vocational training council in Madina in Badr province during the period from Monday to Wednesday.
Al-Oghla disclosed  that the TVTC' strategic plan for the next five years aims to face the influx of expatriate manpower with several actions by establishing 50 technical colleges, 185 institutes. Regarding the girls there are 39 higher institutes for girls and more than 120 projects under construction distributed in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom.
 “ The Corporation trained now more than 110 thousand trainees in these institutes and colleges in 45 specialties, and there are 26 industrial institutes inside prisons as well as three institutes for military training and the institutes of strategic partnership with a group of companies and institutions of the private sector. In addition to the specialized institutes in the plastics industry, petroleum, minerals and others carried out by our government in its belief about the importance of technical and vocational training”, he added.

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