TVTC Choses 6 International Technical Colleges for Privatizing

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As part of the efforts of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) to launch qualitative initiatives in the technical and vocational training sector, it has started the procedures for privatizing six international technical colleges with the aim of improving the quality of educational and training services, providing multiple educational and training options and services for all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and achieving financial and operational efficiency through partnership with the private sector.

In this aspect, His Excellency the Governor of TVTC, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid, explained that TVTC focused its efforts to reach sustainable financing and effective spending for qualitative training that copes with the huge national projects and with the requirements of the labor market on three axes, which are the efficiency of spending, investment and privatization.In the field of privatization, TVTC has studied the feasibility of privatizing six international technical colleges; and its privatization has begun, praise be to God. TVTC’s role will be to transfer the operation of colleges to the private sector and to provide training buildings. In addition, its role will be in assessing and ensuring the quality of training and approving specializations, the training staff and certificates, while the private sector will undertake the continuous updating of technical specializations based on the needs of the labor market, the development of training content and modern technologies in education, the development of training laboratories, as well as financing capital projects such as equipment and carrying out all operational processes.

It is worth mentioning that the colleges in which the privatizing began are the International College of Tourism and Hospitality in Riyadh, the International Technical College for Girls in Al-Khobar, the International Technical College for Girls in Makkah, the International Technical College for Girls in Al-Qatif, the International Technical College for Girls in Jeddah, and the International Technical College for Girls in Madinah.

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