"Technical Training" Provides More Than (6,800) Job Opportunities for Graduates of its Programs Last September

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 The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation revealed that it provided (6,892) job opportunities for male and female graduates of its affiliated colleges and institutes programs during last September.
The Corporation explained in a statement that it is working to implement many initiatives with the aim of creating job opportunities for male and female graduates of its affiliated colleges and institutes, and facilitating their enrollment in the labor market in various regions of the Kingdom in partnership and continuous coordination with the business sector, through the General Administration of Career Coordination and its affiliated offices in training facilities. .

TVTC added that last month’s statistics show that (32) employment forums and exhibitions were held for male and female graduates, as well as the signing of (15) memorandums of understanding with companies and institutions, in addition to holding (178) meetings for human resources officials in employment agencies. Also, (77) graduate preparation programs were implemented to meet the labor market requirements.
It is worth noting that the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation works continuously to measure the extent of the business sector’s satisfaction with the quality of graduates of technical training programs, through questionnaires and direct meetings, in accordance with its strategic partnership with the sector, with the aim of developing the quality of training programs in accordance with the needs of the labor market.​

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