TVTC announces the start of admission and registration for diploma programs for the second training semester of the year 1444 AH

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TVTC announced the beginning of admission and electronic registration for those wishing to apply for diploma programs in technical colleges for boys and girls for graduates of high school or its equivalent. They also are able to apply for diploma of industrial institutes, architecture and secondary construction.

Engineer Khaled Barakat, the general director of trainees' affairs has declared that, the registration period for the second semester of the year 1444 AH in the diploma stage in the morning and evening periods will start from today, Sunday, 27 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1444 AH, until Thursday, 2 Rabi’ al-Akher 1444 AH. The submission will be available in all training facilities located in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the unified admission portal on the website of the TVTC:
Eng. Barakat added that all the programs offered by the TVTC aim to raise the scientific competence of those who have a high school certificate or its equivalent in specializations needed by the labor market. However, they qualify them to be a main component that contributes to the renaissance and progress of society.

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