Technical Training Provides More Than (21) Thousand Job Opportunities for Graduates in January

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The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation explained that job opportunities for graduates of its affiliated colleges and institutes, which were provided in partnership with several sectors of the labor market, amounted to (21,245) job opportunities during the month of January of this year.
TVTC official spokesman, Fahd Al-Otaibi, confirmed that the General Administration of Career Coordination and its affiliated offices in various training facilities are working to implement several initiatives and programs with the aim of facilitating the obtaining of job opportunities that commensurate the graduates of technical training programs with their specializations.
Al-Otaibi added that (24) memorandums of understanding were signed with the aim of employing graduates last January. The Corporation also worked to implement (104) programs to prepare graduates to join the labor market, with the aim of introducing them to the work environment and how to overcome challenges they may face.
As part of its efforts in terms of career coordination for male and female graduates, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation held (65) employment forums and exhibitions during the same month, with the participation of a number of corporations and companies in various regions.

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