More Than Ten Thousand Young Men and Women Have Contributed to Local and International Volunteer Work This Year

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Deputy Governor for Training of TVTC, Dr. Adel bin Hamad Al-Zunaidi, confirmed that TVTC works to implement plans and programs throughout the year to empower young people, develop their skills in scouting activity and volunteer work, and invest their energies and abilities to serve society and the nation.

Dr. Al-Zunaidi added that TVTC, since the beginning of this year until now, has provided more than (2,720) volunteer opportunities, implemented by about (10,800) male and female volunteers, trainees in the colleges and institutes. The volunteer hours exceeding (251) thousand hours, to be as part of contributing to achieving the Kingdom’s ambitious vision to reach one million male and female volunteers by the year 2030.

It is noteworthy that the scouting and volunteer teams at TVTC work to implement many programs and activities inside and outside the Kingdom. The most prominent of which is participation in the Hajj and Umrah seasons in the areas of guidance, organizing worshipers, and sending pilgrims, and implementing a group of volunteer programs in several countries, in partnership with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

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