Trainees of Technical Colleges Present 10 Innovations at the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition in Malaysia (ITEX 23)

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As part of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation's efforts to support and discover talented and creative people, and qualify them to access international participation, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), represented by the General Directorate of Activities, participates in the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition in Malaysia (ITEX 23), during the period from (7-14) May 2023 AD, with participation of 10 trainees from training facilities from various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
His Excellency the Governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid, explained that TVTC attaches great importance to innovation and care for talented people and inventions under the directions of the wise leadership to support and sponsor the innovators. He noted that TVTC believes in its traniees' potentialities, and underscored its encouragement to create ideas of technical quality and transferring it from the space of the idea to develop and implement it through specialized clubs supervised by specialized trainers. Praise be to God, our male and female trainees have achieved local and international participation, and their innovations have achieved advanced positions. He added that TVTC is keen on their participation and informing them of global trends in the field of innovation. He noted that TVTC has multiple partnerships to develop the clubs of the talented and innovation at all facilities.

His Excellency looked forward to the trainees participating in the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition Competition in Malaysia (ITEX 23) to win and represent the Kingdom, and also to compete globally in the field of innovations.
Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Duhailan, Director General of the General Directorate of Activities at TVTC, indicated that participation in this competition comes within the TVTC's keenness to sponsor the trainees and invest their energies in building the nation's renaissance and economy knowledge for the talented and innovators, supporting them to participate in local and international competitions, encouraging innovation and creativity, and creating ideas and transferring them from the idea space to application, implementation, development and then marketing. 

He noted that the role of managing activities in the field of talent and innovation is not limited to the trainees in the training facility; rather, it also sponsors graduates, adopts and supports their ideas, and serves innovators from the community. It is supported by His Excellency the Governor of TVTC, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid.

Al-Duhailan indicated that the participants in the ITEX Exhibition for this year were 10 trainees from various training facilities and disciplines, who were united by a passion for science, love of innovation and team spirit to participate in the multidisciplinary competition tracks at the exhibition. He also indicated that the trainees received an intensive training and preparation program consisting of three stages (online, presence in Riyadh, and presence in Malaysia) in order to introduce them to the mechanisms of arbitration and the method of presentation, in addition to mastering the marketing aspect of the presentation, and working on the requirements for participation.

It is worth noting that the ITEX Exhibition is a gathering of specialists and those interested in the science and technology industry, in addition to owners of capital, investors and businessmen to consider new job opportunities resulting from innovative projects. The presence of trainees is a good opportunity to introduce their innovations and develop their creative ideas and develop their entry as competitors in international competitions in which they represent Saudi Arabia.

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