Employ emerging technologies in technical and vocational colleges and institutes

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Consultation title:

Employing Emerging Technologies in TVTC Colleges and Institutes

A brief about the entity:

TVTC has published a public consultation on its Twitter account for the purpose of consulting the public and reviewing their feedback on prioritizing the use of emerging technologies in the trainee's training process at TVTC colleges and institutes.

Project title:

Digital transformation of business models in TVTC (Study)

Consultation topic:

 In your opinion, what is the priority in employing emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence in TVTC colleges and institutes?

List of specific answers for the consultation:

1.             Training labs.

2.             Support services.

3.             Curriculums and training plans.

4.             E-training systems.

Channels of participating in the consultation

                             (Click here)​

Consultation results:

1.             Training labs               42.8%

2.             Support services        8.8%

3.             Curriculums and training plans    24.7%

4.             E-training systems     23.7%

Expected impact:

The views of the public will be taken into account and considered during the decision-making processes regarding the directions of TVTC in serving the education sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when the project is launched in 2023.

Project Status:



Digital transformation in TVTC

Target group:

trainees in TVTC colleges and institutes


 Education and Training

Project period:

(12/12/2022 – 18/12/2022)​

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