Talent and Innovation Club

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Name of the entity responsible for the initiative
​Technical and Vocational Training Corporation – Technical College for Males in Hafar Al-Batin

Name of the initiative​
Talent and Innovation Club
Initiative Description
Work to accelerate and advance talent and innovation by establishing talent and innovation clubs as laboratories for ideas and innovation to work on developing inventions and innovations

Target Audience
Students (Trainees) of Technical College for Males in Hafar Al-Batin city
Initiative Type
Innovation ideas laboratories - workshops
Target Category
Youth- People with disabilities
Initiative duration
Location information
In-person at the Technical College for Males in Hafar Al-Batin

Expected impact
Attracting, nurturing, and motivating talented and innovative trainees in TVTC by providing the necessary support
 Registering patents with the competent authorities
 Participating in exhibitions of local and international inventions and innovations​
Results and impact:​

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